It’s snowing lightly. That’s discouraging me from going outside today. …not that I have anywhere to go. I just feel lazy staying home for several days in a row and like to go out somewhere just for a few hours so I can feel like I’ve actually accomplished something…even if it’s just checking the PO […]

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January 31, 2002

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eBay update

My Trigun box set sold for more than what sells them for new. It’s confirmed…eBay people are idiots. Sure, it’s a different box…but who wouldn’t rather have the OFFICIAL box?

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January 25, 2002

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People on eBay are stupid

Here is what my Trigun box is going for (or went for…depending on when you read this.) Here is what the official box sells for NEW on eBay bidders are stupid. I just hope they’re that stupid when they go to buy my Kenshin DVDs.

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January 25, 2002

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I’m going to bed now…about 34 hours after I woke up. I think that’s a new personal record. I could stay up longer, but that would be insane. Besides, the whole point of this was to go to bed at a decent hour to shock my body into a new sleep schedule…instead of the almost […]

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January 17, 2002

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Workin’ for da man?

I got a call today about a contracting job for the mayor’s office in Brockton. (That’s about 45 minutes away.) It’d pay the same as FreakBoss paid, but it would be full-time, on-site contracting…so 40 hours a week instead of “whenever I find enough stupid clients, make you drive down here and wait around before […]

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January 16, 2002

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Same old same old…

Poked through again. Nothing new today. Blah. Not much to say since I haven’t really gone anywhere lately. I’ve been working on some nifty stuff for my web site, but that’s about it. Just trying not to think about what might happen if I don’t find a source of income in the next month… […]

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January 15, 2002

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It’s free money!

I had a $5 gift certificate to the Natick Mall, so I went out and blew it on a PlayStation magazine. (I still had to pay $3.99 cash. Expensive magazine!) Rikku’s on the cover and it came with a Final Fantasy X demo, so hopefully that will entertain me until I can afford the real […]

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January 12, 2002

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I’ve been going to bed pretty late recently. (5am…6am…6:30am…) I think I’ll go to bed a little earlier tonight (3:30am! Oooh!) since I’ve got another headache. I’ve gotta take pictures of stuff I can sell on eBay tomorrow. Hopefully I can make some quick cash that way…even if it means parting with my Trigun, Kenshin, […]

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