I got the official job offer from Monster.com today. They’re going to mail me an offer in the mail that I’ll need to sign and return, but as of today I’m officially hired! I start Monday. [starts singing the “I’m Hired” song from MST3K] Now that I’ll have money (or at least the promise of […]

April 8, 2002

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Jury Duty

Yay! I got picked for jury duty in June! Wheee! Unfortunately, if they ask if I’m related to anyone in the legal profession, that would probably get me kicked off. I hope not since I really want to be on a jury and do my part for truth, justice, and the American way. In other […]

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April 3, 2002

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Still jobless

So, Mia was supposed to let me know what HR said after she met with them Tuesday afternoon, but I never heard from her. 🙁 On the plus side, I got a notice that I can apply for a few more weeks of unemployment. Sign me up! Free money!

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April 2, 2002

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Tip #252: Don’t use DSL service from a bankrupt company

My web site’s down. Covad, the company that was providing the business-speed DSL line to the server, is bankrupt. Actually, they have been for a while. Brian (my friendly neighborhood sysadmin and friend with the DSL line) switched over to Verizon (yeah, I know they suck too…but they suck less than Covad) but apparently the […]

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Job doing jobs for a job board

So the interview at Monster.com went well. Considering that part of the interview was with Christine (aka “Mia”) and her co-workers and I was one of the people who interviewed her when she applied to The Monster Board four years ago, I guess that was to be expected. She was asking loaded questions just to […]

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March 14, 2002

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Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and everything in between

I went up to Maine this past weekend. Apparently nobody knew I was going since they were all surprised to see me. I guess nobody listened when I said I was going to go back on Friday or Saturday. I had a phone interview with Monster.com yesterday. It wasn’t really an “interview” though since I’ve […]

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March 12, 2002

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It’s March already?!

Dammit, it’s “September 11th”! Stop calling it “Nine-Eleven”! That sounds too much like “7-Eleven”. That bugs the hell out of me. I dunno why. Maybe it’s like I can’t stand it when people use “email” instead of “e-mail”. Countless exceptions aside, word “email” should be pronounced similar to “emissary”, “emory”, and “empty”…”em-ale”. Hyphenate it in […]

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March 1, 2002

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