PatrickD’s Link to the World

PatrickD's Link to the World

When I made my first web page, it was the summer of 1994.  I was about to enter my senior year of college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as a Computer Science major.  I had discovered Gopher the same summer, but “the World Wide Web” won me over very quickly because it had images and it was very easy to make web pages using HTML.

There were no books on HTML available at the time, no real search engines, and Yahoo! was just getting started.  I learned to code HTML by looking at the HTML on existing pages and figuring out what it did.  Then I made my own page using space provided by WPI on my UNIX account.  It was called “PatrickD’s Link to the World”.

I didn’t post a whole lot on that account.  I didn’t make any real effort to make a fully fledged web site until May 1995 when I created “The Original CHiPs Web Site“.  However, after graduation, the site moved from my WPI account to my own domain,  I used it as a page about me and my projects.

As time went on, I began to devote more time to other projects, various fandomsnew interests, and major endeavors.  With some third-party blogging sites, it was easier to post updates there than it was to make an HTML page on my own site.

Now, there’s Facebook and Twitter, but sometimes I just want to write an old-fashioned blog post.  Thanks to the power of WordPress, I can easily do that and do that in the place that it all started…PatrickD’s Link to the World.

What will be posted here?  I don’t know.  We’ll see.

When will it be posted?  I don’t know.  It depends when I have something to talk about.

November 12, 2015

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