Turkey, Newtype, and housing: What would Tyrone Willingham do?

Had Turkey Day here at my parents’ new house. Lots of the family came over and ate whatever…turkey, smelly cheese, veggies, pie… I like pie. Actually, the chocolate cream pie wasn’t too good. Tasted kind old. Bought from a restaurant (Cole Farms in Gray) so I’m not surprised. I found Newtype #2 at a gaming/comic […]

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November 30, 2002

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Pepsi: The Choice of a Greedy Generation


Monster is a Coca-Cola lovin’ company. Our soda fountain machine dispenses Coke products, there’s occasionally Vanilla Coke cans or bottles in the food vending machine (we don’t have a soda vending machine), and they always buy bottles of Coke products whenever they order lunch for meetings. (Although lately they’ve been getting cans instead.) Today…not a […]

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October 18, 2002

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Status report for my boss

To: Christine G. I just thought you’d be pleased to know that your department consumed 64 Wendy’s chicken nuggets today. -Patrick Delahanty Senior Web Applications Developer I was responsible for 19 of them myself. 🙂 I’d have done 20, but I got ripped off and was missing a nugget from one pack. Grrr… (Of course, […]

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September 25, 2002

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Wendy is my goddess of love!

Three five-piece nuggets and a small Coke at Wendy’s: $4.05 Estimated value of prizes: $4.99 Pete and I went to Wendy’s at lunch today. They’ve got a “Movie Mania” game going on where you can win prizes. Top prize is free movie rentals for life. (I’d almost rather have the DVD player prize since my […]

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September 18, 2002

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Something Good About Hood

“Now they have this new Hood light block milk bottle, but I already have something that blocks the sunlight out of my milk bottle. It’s called… my refrigerator. I have another level of insulation around that called… my house. It cost me about $200,000 to build that little ecosystem.” – Paul Nardizzi

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September 18, 2002

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Where’s my juice?!

Jeff Taylor, our company’s fearless leader (or one of them anyway), promised us juice in the office this morning. There wasn’t any. My co-workers and I were really looking forward to getting to the office and having some juice today…but we were denied. Man, don’t promise things you can’t deliver.

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September 11, 2002

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The Freshmaker!


I need to go buy more Mentos tonight. Secret AXNY plan. Backup plan, actually. I won’t be able to make Hamtaro cookies before I leave. …and I’m not sure people would want to eat my cookies anyway. I suck at cooking and baking. Bought a Pepsi Blue in the office complex cafeteria. My co-workers (still) […]

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August 29, 2002

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Red Bull gives you things

I bought a Red Bull energy drink a few months back and forgot I had it in my fridge until last night. …so I tried it. Tasted icky…and certainly didn’t “give me wings”. I was quite lazy. What a scam. …but at least I got 250% of my recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B12. …and […]

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August 12, 2002

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Another day of my life wasted

I wanted to go out to the store today and get some real food…and just get out of the house, but it snowed again. Not much, but enough to make things white or wet. It killed any motivation I had to go outside. …and then my cable modem went wonky for large chunks of time. […]

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March 21, 2002

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