Opening on Thanksgiving? You’re Dead to Me!

In 2011, retailers started opening at midnight on Friday to have their Black Friday sales. In 2012, they crossed the line and started opening earlier and earlier. This year, in an effort to be first, a bunch of retailers are opening early on Thanksgiving day and some are even staying open through Friday. REI was […]

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November 24, 2015

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Read it and weep!

I can’t believe people actually publish books like this: Is stacking cubes really such a difficult task that it requires a $39.95 book to teach people? By the way, you’ve gotta love the devil horn on that red-tinted woman.

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March 28, 2003

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Record this…

I still intend to write about Katsucon, but I’ve been busy trying to catch up on stuff. (I finally caught up on Digimon Frontier tonight.) …but I just had to poke my nose in here to say that I bought a TiVo. It should be shipped to the office next Wednesday or so. I used […]

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February 21, 2003

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Shopping spree

After work, I drove down to Natick to hit a few stores. I went to A.C.Moore to get a box frame (to put Burned Gundam in), spent most of my $25 gift card at Borders on the Princess Mononoke DVD (which I finally got after having it on my Amazon wish list for years), traded […]

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January 6, 2003

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Last weekend…

So anyway…about last weekend… I picked up sagechan at the airport and we headed back to my place. We watched This is Otakudom and Bridge to the Future and played a few games. The next day was very wet and rainy. We went to Kelly’s Roast Beef for lunch and stuffed ourselves so incredibly full […]

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December 19, 2002

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Stop & Shop drops from the top

There’s a Stop & Shop supermarket near me that’s open 24 hours (except early Sunday morning). Since it’s only a block away and huge, I usually shop for groceries there…but not after today. I went in there for just some soda and snacks. For a while, I’ve been frustrated by their ice cream selection. If […]

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March 18, 2002

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It’s free money!

I had a $5 gift certificate to the Natick Mall, so I went out and blew it on a PlayStation magazine. (I still had to pay $3.99 cash. Expensive magazine!) Rikku’s on the cover and it came with a Final Fantasy X demo, so hopefully that will entertain me until I can afford the real […]

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January 12, 2002

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