I’ve been going to bed pretty late recently. (5am…6am…6:30am…) I think I’ll go to bed a little earlier tonight (3:30am! Oooh!) since I’ve got another headache. I’ve gotta take pictures of stuff I can sell on eBay tomorrow. Hopefully I can make some quick cash that way…even if it means parting with my Trigun, Kenshin, and Tenchi Universe DVDs (among other things). I’m sure I’ve got plenty of other junk around here I can sell off. I’ll have to poke around eBay and see what stuff has sold well recently.
…and I had planned to sell off Kenshin at some point anyway. I’m not gonna commit to buying a series that long. As for Trigun and Tenchi Universe, I could always grab the box sets once I get money again.

I got a headhunter call today. (One I had talked to about a month ago that never heard back from the previous position he sent my resume in for.) This time he had some web development manager position. I guess it doesn’t have any actual development itself, but I’d get OTHER people to do the work. Sounds like it might pay a lot. That’d be cool.
…but I’m used to never hearing back on these jobs now, so I’m not counting on hearing from this guy again for another month.

Sent off my resume to Tim. We’ll see what happens with that.

My brother sent me a bunch of openings at his company’s Waltham, MA office. Unfortunately they were Oracle programming positions. I don’t know Oracle. I wouldn’t be opposed to learning it, but none of the companies I’ve worked for have wanted to pay for it. Cheap bastards.

I’m going to touch base with Mia in the morning just to see if anything is available out at yet. I doubt it, but it can’t hurt to say hello.

…and I have to remind myself to return all those damn bottles and cans I’ve still got on my back porch. (I keep forgetting since I never go out there.) For you out-of-staters, New England states (and some others) charge a 5 cents deposit on all soda cans and bottles. …so I get 5 cents back when I return them. It’s kind of a pain, but it’s environmentally friendly.

I noticed the Mike’s Hard Lemonade box was missing a few bottles. I guess NeoAlus must have swiped a few when he was here. Heh…minors…go figure.

Unlike the rest of the week, there wasn’t much to update on the Anime Boston web site today. I took the opportunity to clean up┬áthe hotel floorplans so that the lines were crisper and cleaner.

I’ll be able to get some pics of the hotel to use on the web site when I go to Arisia next week. There’s going to be an Anime on DVD gathering/dinner, but I can’t afford to go to that (unless it’s at Wendy’s.) …but at least I can entertain myself at Arisia since I pre-registered for that a few months back.