I’m going to bed now…about 34 hours after I woke up. I think that’s a new personal record. I could stay up longer, but that would be insane. Besides, the whole point of this was to go to bed at a decent hour to shock my body into a new sleep schedule…instead of the almost reverse-days I had been doing.

I went and checked the Digital UI mailbox this afternoon. Junk mail. No check from ICS yet. He still has another 2 weeks before I have to send out a payment reminder. I bet he’ll wait until the last minute too.

I deposited a check that I was sent by Cafepress. Probably for “CHiPs” T-shirts people have bought or something. I haven’t bothered to look at the sales reports in a while (since their system usually dies on me when I do.) So now my checking account balance is actually back in the black! $6.77 Woo hoo. That’ll go away soon enough…as soon as the grocery store purchase I made the other day catches up with my account. …and the electric bill I mailed in.

After the bank, I stopped by Wendy’s in Waltham. 15 chicken nuggets and a small Coke (no ice) for $4.05 (which I scrounged out of the change tray in my car). Nummy!

Okay, I think I should really go to sleep now.

January 17, 2002

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