Thursday, July 13, 1995

Tim’s driveway is made of small red rocks. In the place where we launched the rockets, there was a small crater. We then went over and checked out the lighter (which was the only trace of the fire). All that remained was the metal top and a spring. I picked up the metal…and some rocks […]

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July 13, 1995

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Wednesday, July 12, 1995

Nick Okrant and I had to leave today. He was leaving by bus in Washington. I was leaving by Amtrak in Baltimore. Fergie has to drive us…and my train leaves 17 minutes after his bus. What does one do? Take the Metro! We drive Nick to the Metro and then we rode to Baltimore’s Penn […]

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July 12, 1995

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Tuesday, July 11, 1995

It was a dark and stormy night…no…REALLY! There had been lots of heat/real lightning the night before. It was neat to watch. Tuesday morning, however, was hot and sticky. We decided to hit the pool. The pool is shared by the residents of all four 14-story apartment complexes…but since it’s Noon on a Tuesday…it’s not […]

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July 11, 1995

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Monday, July 10, 1995

This is part one of at least four tales from my past. What you are about to read was typed out and e-mailed to friends back in the summer of 1995. (Keep that in mind as you read.) If I had a blog back then, this would have been the entry… The job search is […]

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July 10, 1995

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