It’s snowing lightly. That’s discouraging me from going outside today. …not that I have anywhere to go. I just feel lazy staying home for several days in a row and like to go out somewhere just for a few hours so I can feel like I’ve actually accomplished something…even if it’s just checking the PO box.

I sent an IM to Mia at and asked, “Can I just get a desk and a phone and pretend I work there?” 🙂

I haven’t written back to FreakBoss. I’m afraid if I do, it might open a whole can o’ worms and I’ll end up stuck back in the same situation of trying to get rid of him. It’s so much easier to just hit delete and say, “Aah, fuck ’em.” So I did. If I ever had to use him for a reference, I’d be nicer and more communicative…but I don’t see that happening. I could think of dozens of people who would be better references than that creep.

Gotta send out my rent check. Easy come, easy go. …or more like just “easy go”. I had to sell stock to cover this rent payment. I was originally hoping to use that money as part of a down payment on a house someday. So much for that. I should be able to cover my March rent with the stock too (assuming I don’t spend much money between now and then.) …and if I can’t get a decent source of income by April 1st, than I’ll be mailing my landlord a note that says “April Fools!”

…and it’s not just the money. I’d love to have a job again just so when people ask, “What’s new?” I don’t have to say, “Nothing” and really mean nothing. Nothing changes here. Ever. I need excitement. I need to be able to see somebody I know more than once every two weeks. I need a reason to leave the house. I need to quit bitching about not having a job.

January 31, 2002

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