It’s free money!

I had a $5 gift certificate to the Natick Mall, so I went out and blew it on a PlayStation magazine. (I still had to pay $3.99 cash. Expensive magazine!) Rikku’s on the cover and it came with a Final Fantasy X demo, so hopefully that will entertain me until I can afford the real game. Plus, there’s some interesting articles in the magazine. I miss my days at RivalWorks when I’d pour through a handful of game mags every month just to keep up on the industry buzz. That was fun. I miss that job. *sigh*

I stuck my Visa card in a plastic cup full of water last night and put it in the freezer. Now my card is in the middle of a solid chunk of ice. That should discourage me from using it anytime soon. …and if I DO decide to use it, hopefully I’ll come to my senses before it thaws out.

Not a very productive day. Oh well. At least I’m eating a couple decent meals a day…or trying to, at least. I dunno if two Hot Pockets are considered a “decent meal”, but the ham and cheese sandwiches or PB&Js I’ve been making for lunch must be.

January 12, 2002

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