Adequate Return

The web site is back. I can finally get to the pages again and SSH into the machine, but FTP and e-mail are still inaccessable for some reason. Hopefully that can get resolved soon. In the meantime, I’m looking through my e-mail on the server. It’s stored in about 250 separate text files, so it’s […]

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March 28, 2002

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Guest blog entry

For this entry and an update on the web/e-mail server situation, I’ll let Brian tell you all about it. (Even though he doesn’t know it and I’m just copying the text from his e-mail.) It’s actually kind of amusing…in a The-Server’s-Been-Down-For-Almost-A-Week-Dammit-Fix-It-Already kind of way. I finally got the two ISPs to admit the problem […]

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March 27, 2002

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Hey, like I’d turn down free appliances!

So my landlord called just after noon and asked if I had a washer and dryer. I didn’t and had been doing my laundry at the laundromat or bringing it up to my parents’ house. Well, apparently her husband (the co-landlord) was doing a renovation on someone’s bathroom/laundry room and they were getting new machines. […]

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March 26, 2002

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Yes, it’s still broken.

I still can’t access my web server and e-mail. I was able to see the web server when I was at my parents’ house this past weekend, but I couldn’t access e-mail from there with Eudora. From home, I get nothing…but apparently Babelfish can see it since it was able to translate a page (although […]

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March 26, 2002

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Proof that RivalWorks existed

This article is just about the only press that RivalWorks, one of my former employers, ever got. Just thought I’d share. I’ve been working on the redesign for the Anime Boston web site. It’s not a completely radical change, but I think it’s a big improvement. I’ll probably put it live in mid-April, one year […]

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March 22, 2002

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Tip #252: Don’t use DSL service from a bankrupt company

My web site’s down. Covad, the company that was providing the business-speed DSL line to the server, is bankrupt. Actually, they have been for a while. Brian (my friendly neighborhood sysadmin and friend with the DSL line) switched over to Verizon (yeah, I know they suck too…but they suck less than Covad) but apparently the […]

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Another day of my life wasted

I wanted to go out to the store today and get some real food…and just get out of the house, but it snowed again. Not much, but enough to make things white or wet. It killed any motivation I had to go outside. …and then my cable modem went wonky for large chunks of time. […]

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March 21, 2002

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