Fight! Fight! Fight!

I woke up this morning and heard the girl upstairs yelling on the phone at her boyfriend. She was apparently trying to call him but the cell phone wasn’t working and I guess he was pissed she didn’t call. She kept yelling, “THE ****ING CELL PHONE DIDN’T WORK! ARE YOU LISTENING?! THE PHONE DIDN’T WORK!” Scary! It went on like that for about 5 minutes before she hung up in a huff.

I didn’t mean to listen in, but anywhere I went in my apartment, I’d still have been able to hear her yelling. Yikes!

About 15 minutes later, she called him back from her bedroom (right above mine…which is how I know all this) and it quickly turned into another shouting match. She was saying stuff like, “Well what the hell would you do without me, Jason? You don’t have a place to stay! Where would you sleep?! NO! YOU DON’T TALK LIKE THAT TO ME OR I’LL KICK YOU OUT!” Scary! I’m glad she’s not MY girlfriend. Yikes!

Anyway, it’s been quiet up there since then. I hope she does kick him out since that’d be one less person clomping around up there. There’s three people in that two-bedroom apartment…and I think they all like to wear big heavy boots

January 11, 2002

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