I got the official job offer from Monster.com today. They’re going to mail me an offer in the mail that I’ll need to sign and return, but as of today I’m officially hired! I start Monday. [starts singing the “I’m Hired” song from MST3K]

Now that I’ll have money (or at least the promise of money with a paycheck soon), I’ve got to make a list of stuff I need to do today (or really soon):

  • Shower.
  • Get a haircut.
  • Pay bills.
  • Mail in my unemployment form.
  • Buy food.
  • Go out to eat for dinner.
  • Buy stuff to make the Anime Boston promotional booth.
  • Get more fabric for my Renamon costume.
  • Order some anime on DVD!
  • Do taxes and figure out how much I need to pay to Uncle Sam.
  • Price out a new G4 Mac.
  • Sign up with a new bank and dump those losers at Fleet.
  • Take pictures of all the old toys I brought back from my parents’ house (they’re moving) and start selling them on eBay. (Anyone want some GI Joes?)
  • Vaccum the place.
  • Wash dishes.
  • Laundry.
  • Renew my domain names.
  • Correct Northeastern homework assignments.
  • Pre-register for Anime North.
  • Send a copy of one of my AMVs to Anime North.
  • Change reservation to a larger room at Anime North.
  • Work on new Anime Boston web site.
  • Create Jody’s web site.
April 8, 2002

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