Busy busy busy!

I’ve been busy doing stuff on my to do list, but it seems as if every time I cross something off, I add another five things. The printed list I have here is about 3 times as long as the list below. I’ve got most of the major stuff done though…except my taxes. I’ve actually never done my own before. I’ll be figuring them out by using last year as a reference. The tough part is figuring in all the Digital UI and Adequate.com stuff. …although to make things simpler, I’ll consider Adequate.com a part of Digital UI. (Hell, I use the Digital UI mailbox for my Adequate.com domain registrations anyway…)

One thing’s certain with these taxes…I didn’t make a hell of a lot of money last year. It’ll be nice to have a regular paycheck again.

April 11, 2002

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