Catching up

I’m way behind on my blog. I knew this would happen sooner or later, but now I’ll take a few minutes and quickly bring things up to date…

Got a call from a headhunter on Tuesday afternoon, sent my resume via e-mail, never heard anything back. On Friday I e-mailed “just to make sure you got it” and he said he expected to hear feedback next week. Uh huh…sure. I’ve played this game before.

We went and looked at hotels for Anime Boston on Tuesday and Thursday. The Boston Sheraton on Tuesday was very nice and could work out well. We also got a free meal out of it. 🙂
The Westin Copley (where the September 11th terrorists stayed the night before) seemed somewhat unorganized. The space we saw could work, but it wouldn’t be a perfect fit. We could do it there if we had to (split between the 3rd and 7th floors by elevators), but I think we’d all prefer to go with the better option of the Sheraton.

I picked up Joe from the airport on Tuesday night after he returned from Hong Kong. We heated up a pizza before he took his car back and headed home.

On Wednesday, I went up to Nashua to visit with Jody, Matt, and Michi. I got to see Paige and Nikki too when they got home. Jody and Michi helped me pick out fabric for my Renamon costume. I spent a lot of money on it, but it should all be worth it. Jody’s going to help me make it too.
I got back from NH pretty late that night.

Oh, and Michi says Mikkakan 2002 is cancelled and they may attempt another Mikkakan in 2003. Kind of a shame since I was looking forward to it. Oh well. At least I can concentrate all my con-planning efforts on Anime Boston now.

On Thursday, we looked at the Westin as I mentioned before. I didn’t do much else.

Yesterday, I went out and poked around the malls. I didn’t buy anything except a chocolate shake, but managed to entertain myself.
At midnight, I got bored and invited Greg over with the promise of Oni and a copy of the Otakon AMV contest. We let the tape copy while we played PS2 games. Between the both of us (mostly him) and the advantage of a few cheats, we managed to get through about half the game. Some of those things seem impossible without the cheats. The only frustrating part was that we got lost quite a bit…especially before I turned up the brightness on the TV.
He crashed on the couch while I flopped in my bed and we finished the game this afternoon. He even went back and beat the last guy without the cheat.

Anyway, that brings everything up to date. …and in case you’re wondering, yeah, I got some stupid e-mails from FreakBoss again, but I’m not even going to get into those.

December 8, 2001

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