Local anime conventions…

Mikkakan apparently had a meeting on Saturday to discuss next year’s convention. From what I understand, Michi thinks she’s the con chair and Ray still thinks he’s the con chair. I’m not sure who is anymore, but last I heard there was nothing set in stone for the convention yet (partly because they had to go change dates after Otakon plopped their convention on Mikkakan’s weekend.) I’m still waiting for news…and apparently others (like Snack) are relying on me for Mikkakan news.

As for other conventions, I’m on the mailing list for Port Con Maine, a tiny convention in Portland in April 2002. After looking over their web site and reading the mailing list, I don’t plan on going. Apparently only one or two of the people involved with it have ever been to a convention before. They’re completely disorganized. The con is less than 5 months away and they’re just now deciding what to do for admission prices. (…and whoever’s typing the meeting minutes is VERY poor at spelling.) As for Anime Boston, we decided on ticket prices on Saturday…and our convention’s a year later than theirs!

Everything else related to Anime Boston is pretty much dependent upon the hotel and location…so there’s no point in us promoting it until that’s settled. Once we pick a date and location, we’ll officially announce the convention…but we won’t really start promoting it heavily until a year before the convention. At least that’ll give us plenty of time to get things organized nicely. Everything’s falling into place.

December 4, 2001

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