Busy busy busy

I’m kinda busy, but wanted to tap out a kind of to do list while I wait for the psycho upstairs to finish with the shower. (Their shower kills my water pressure…and vice versa.) I’ve gotta go to the post office and mail off the Kenshin DVDs and a couple bills. Then I have to head over to Mail Boxes Etc to check the Digital UI mail. …and I’ve got about an hour to do all this.

When I get back, I’ve gotta reply to a few people about jobs. One is with the same company my brother works for…except in a Cambridge, MA office instead of crappy Bath, Maine. It describes me almost exactly (if you overlook the XML stuff, but that’s not required anyway.) They sent me five Word attachments with company benefits, a job application, and other stuff. I’m surprised they didn’t just e-mail before throwing all those attachments my way.

Oh well, gotta go…

February 4, 2002

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