Party job?

I just sent off a web design proposal to a Cape Cod party supply company. (Tents, glassware, lighting, etc.) It’s a cheap $3,900. I have no idea what their budget is though, so I hope I don’t scare them off. That’s actually the cheapest proposal I’ve done in a long time.

I went and re-typed the entire proposal based upon some other proposals from other companies I have here. The old proposal we were using was apparently okay (since we got half the clients that we sent it to), but this new one goes even more in-depth. Hopefully it’ll work even better!

…now if I could just get companies to request proposals from us in the first place. That’s the big problem.

Of course, at this point I’d much rather have a steady job so I knew when my next paycheck was coming.

February 4, 2002

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