AX Flight

Delta messed up my return flight from AX. They had me arriving in DFW *after* my flight to BOS left! Anyway, I called and got a new return flight…

BOS-ATL Delta 923   7:55am -> 10:32am Seat 36A
ATL-SNA Delta 1281  1:05pm ->  2:27pm Seat 30C

SNL-ATL Delta 850  11:30am ->  6:51pm Seat 27F (exit row!)
ATL-BOS Delta 244   8:10pm -> 10:45pm Seat 25G (exit row!)

The sucky part is that Lizzard used to be on the same first leg of the return flight. I could use the company on such a long flight… Hopefully she’ll still be on it once she fixes her flights upon her return. We’ll have to wait and see.

June 5, 2003

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