I feel like I need another shower after working on this…

Yes, it’s true. Although I did not make the decision to do this, I am the sole person responsible for coding it. Ugh.

Emphasis is mine. Comic Sans is theirs.

Dear Monster Associates:

With 15.5M monthly Unique Visitors and more than 10% reach of the entire Internet, Monster is widely recognized as the leader in online recruitment. However, this reach also makes Monster a very attractive property to leading Consumer advertisers as well.

Not unlike our strategic efforts into the Healthcare, Government, and Skilled & Hourly markets, Consumer advertising represents an important new revenue stream for Monster. Due to major national advertisers like Fidelity and Orbitz, Monster Consumer ad revenue has more than tripled in the past year.

Now, to maintain a competitive position in this marketplace, Monster will be supporting ad formats preferred by Consumer advertisers. Beginning Monday, June 9, pop-under ads will be served off of highly trafficked Monster URLs, including monster.com and jobsearch.monster.com. If you’d like a preview of the ads Orbitz will be running, they can frequently be seen at boston.com, espn.com, nytimes.com, and usatoday.com. Pop-under ads will not be served to pages accessed by our recruiter or employer customers.

As Monster continues to dominate the online recruitment marketplace, we now have the opportunity to expand our advertising capabilities to Consumer advertisers as well. I’m proud of the progress that we’ve made into this business, and remain enthusiastic about our prospects for the future.

Steve Pogorzelski

President, North America


June 6, 2003

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