Debt free!

A while back I mentioned my big ol’ debt. It’s finally paid off, thanks in large part to my federal tax return and a couple paychecks from my gig teaching Web Design for Northeastern.

That “Ways I can raise money to pay off several thousand dollars of debt” list I made? I never did numbers 2, 4 (oops!), 6 (but I tried), 10, and 11. I did a little of 9, but not very much…only 0 or so. As for #5, I thought I had cancelled it and the service was discontinued for a while…but apparently it got re-activated when I paid the final bill. Bastards. I called to have it discontinued for good this time. No point in having my own cell phone when work gives me one for free. …and since it’s a work phone, NO you can’t have the number. If you DO have a cell number for me, BURN IT! It’s either the old one that’s dead or the work phone…and if you call me on my work phone, I’ll yell at you. 😛

June 4, 2003

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