I did some shopping at Microcenter today. I bought some RAM (a gift) and had to go pick it up at the counter. The girl in front of my was buying RAM for an iMac and the guy couldn’t figure out which one it was. Luckily a tech support guy came buy to help.
When he got to me, he couldn’t find it at all. The tech support guy brought him out back to find the RAM. After a few minutes, they returned with it and rang it up…but the price was $10 more than advertised on the flyer sitting right in front of us on the counter. The guy insisted it was a different SKU number, but I pointed right to the numbers that were the same. “Oh, that rebate. You need get form up there.” [pointing to the rebate stand]
“Oh, okay.”
So I go and check the rebate stand after paying. No coupons. I get back in line (which is pretty long by now). Some store guy spots me in line and says, “Are you the guy looking for the rebate form?”
So be pulls me out of line and I get the form…but it’s not for the memory. It’s for a video card. He must have been looking for someone else who needed a rebate form…but why he singled ME out with a dozen people there, I have no idea.
He went back and looked for the form. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I check my e-mail on my cell phone during my boredom and discover that the two potential Anime Boston hotels are fighting for us and lowering rates even more. Fortunately, my favorite choice still has the lowest offer so we’ll stick with it.
Anyway, the guy finally comes back with the rebate and I can get out of there. That store’s majorly messed up. Now I remember why I don’t shop there…even with their wide selection of Apple products.

I got home and waited for Kathy and Joe. They got lost and were headed off in the wrong direction and had to call for directions a couple times. When they finally arrived, I opened the door and Kathy walked right into the screen…knocking it out of the door. She didn’t see it there. Oh well, I had to take that out and put the storm window in anyway…
We decided to go to Pizzaria Uno. Pretty good meal. Pretty typical of Uno.
We came back here and Joe and I played on the PS2 for a little while before they headed out.

Now it’s only midnight, but it feels like 3am. I’m going to go to bed early tonight.

My apartment’s VERY dry lately. I should set up my little misting fountain and see if that helps.

December 20, 2001

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