This past weekend…

I got up to Maine late on Friday and played some Grand Theft Auto III before heading to bed.

On Saturday, I went to Mike & Sarah’s post-Christmas party. Sarah’s parents were there as well as her sister and her husband, the Terisons, and the Wellehans. We all had a good time being social.

After the Terisons and Wellehans left, Mom had to leave to go to work. The women went off to Freeport shopping and left us guys around to discuss business, politics, law, hunting, and other stuff. We ordered Chinese and Mike and his father-in-law went off in my car to get it.

By the time they got back, the shopping crew had returned with bargains in hand. We all pigged out on the great Chinese food until there was only fried rice left.

I drove Dad home and plopped down in front of the TV. (There’s not a whole lot to do up in Maine in case you haven’t guessed.) When Mom got home, I remembered I forgot to start on my laundry…so we threw in a load and went upstairs and watched Battlebots. (There wasn’t much else on that late at night.)

The next day, Mom had to run off to work again. Since Nana Jeanne had just returned from NY the night before, Dad and I went over to see her. I gave her her present and listened to her talk about NY. She’s in her late 80s now and gets mixed up easily and tends to jump from topic to topic randomly, so her conversations are a bit hard to follow.

While we visited, Uncle John got a call from home. Apparently my cousin Ben’s car had broken down on the Maine Turnpike. He was going to get it towed home, so I volunteered to drive him back to Boston since I was planning on heading back anyway. I went down to Portland and picked him up and we came back to Boston together. It was nice to have some company on the ride this time. Since he’s a film major, we talked about video editing a lot.

Anyway, I got home, had dinner, settled in a bit, and relaxed in my Aeron chair most of the night. I just renewed my resume so that when people get into the office tomorrow and look for new resumes from “Today” (the default option), mine will be included. Gotta find a job. If I don’t by the end of January, I’m screwed. (Well, I COULD sell some stock and/or hit my parents up for a loan…but I’d prefer to not have it come to that.)

…and now I’m trying to decide if I want to go to bed or what. Hmmm…

December 30, 2001

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