Sleeping late on the weekend. That’s all I ask.

So I’m driving home last night thinking that I’d be able to sit back and relax and then sleep late Saturday morning. I check my messages when I get home around 7:30pm and there’s one from my landlord left at 10:15am. They’re having the place re-appraised and need to have an inspector come through…at 10am…Saturday morning. Ugh. So much for my plans.

I tidied up a bit last night…which meant putting away my Renamon costume that was still out from Arisia, stuffing my dirty laundry that I planned to do this weekend into my closet, picking up a pile of DVDs, putting away a dozen Anime Boston posters that need to be distributed, and putting away all costume-in-progress cosplay stuff.

I woke up at 9:30am this morning (just in case they came early…I wanted to be awake and somewhat coherent when they got here). A couple minutes ago, I got a call from her. Her kid’s sick and she’s not coming…but the appraiser will be here at 10:30. Ugh.

Oh well, so much for me pointing to the kitchen floor and asking the landlord when they were going to put in that kitchen floor they promised 16 months ago.

February 1, 2003

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