CHiPs and Salsa

I went and registered this past week. My plan is to eventually move the “CHiPs” site off of since it really doesn’t belong. Plus, it gets a fair amount of traffic (which will only go up once the new “CHiPs” series starts airing), so it’s better to move it now in preparation. (When the “CHiPs” ’99 TV movie aired, it just about killed the server with traffic. It couldn’t serve the pages fast enough. I had to turn off any downloadables like sounds and movies just to keep up.)

I couldn’t get since some computer chip seller has that. I also couldn’t get since Warner Bros. gobbled that up…no doubt to eventually put the official site there. I figure that having mine with the “-” in there is a good thing. Anyone that sticks one in looking for the official site will end up at mine. (Of course, anyone forgetting the “-” in mine will end up there…but that’s why I’m planning to get a second domain and have them both point there. I still need to register that second domain, so I won’t say what it is here in case any cybersquatter happens to read this.)

February 1, 2003

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