Puma finger

Just got off the phone with some mucky-muck at Puma. Phone screening. It seemed to go well. I seemed to be able to answer all his questions to his satisfaction…except for “Have you ever administered a Microsoft IIS server?” …although, I did tell him I’m quite familiar with UNIX-based servers. (He was asking about both, so I don’t think they know which platform to go with. UNIX all the way, baby!) Considering this was a “web designer” position, there seemed to be a lot of techie questions. Maybe they want me as a 2-for-1 deal. 🙂

I’m usually comfortable enough to answer any questions an interviewer tosses at me, but when they re-word a question and ask it again, I worry that I either mis-heard the question or I didn’t answer it the first time. He asked me the process of how I’d build out a site and then asked a very similar question a few minutes later. But my answers were pretty detailed, so I’m not sure what he was digging for. Oh well.

Anyway, hopefully I get called back in a week or so for an interview at their office. Maybe then I can let it slip how I have uncles who are big names in the shoe industry. …or at least one of them is.

It’s too bad all the sneakers I own are New Balance. Puma doesn’t make stuff in my size.

January 23, 2002

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