Newtype USA’s subscription department is staffed by MORONS!

Back in December, I signed up for Newtype USA subscriptions for Lizzard and myself. On January 9th, I discovered that only Lizzard’s had gone through. I contacted Newtype USA and Caroline Toppert told me that they only had record of Lizzard’s subscription (even though I had received confirmation e-mails for both.) She told me she had added me to the subscription list and that everything was fixed.

A month later…
No Newtype USA in my mailbox. (I went out and bought it anyway.) I check my Visa statement…and no charge. ARRRGH! NEWTYPE USA’S SUBSCRIPTION DEPARTMENT IS RUN BY MORONS! I sent off anotherĀ e-mail asking “how many times do I need to sign up?!” I want to strangle them.

February 10, 2003

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