Foxes, Pain, and Dizziness: Why I Shouldn’t Leave the House

I spent most of Saturday plowing through the entire season of Digimon Tamers looking for sound clips that would be appropriate for our performance at Katsucon. I think I’ve got everything I need. I’d better…since I recorded about 40 minutes of sound bytes to make a 2 minute skit. I’m going to edit them together tonight (after I put up Anime Boston’s art show and artists’ alley signup forms.)

Yesterday, Jody and I went and bought fabric for my Fox McCloud costume. We went back to my place and started on it. I still need to go get more stuff though…like one of those “camel back” backpacks. We’re going to use that as the base for Fox’s backpack…so not only will he have his backpack, but I’ll be able to carry around cold water!
I’m also excited that his jacket will have a pocket! I can’t tell you how bad I wished that my Ferio, Gene Starwind, or Renamon costumes had real pockets. I had to give stuff (con badge and money) to other people to carry or find creative ways to carry them myself. As Ferio, I put money in my shoe and duct-taped the con badge to the inside of the tiny pocket I had. (If I didn’t tape it, it would have fallen out.) As Gene Starwind, I used the holster to hold money and stuff…but because it was so deep, it was a pain in the ass to get stuff out. …and as Renamon, I’d stuff my con badge up my sleeve where it would poke me all day. At Arisia, I put it inside Renamon’s foot.
…so to have a real pocket on Fox McCloud? YAY! “I HAVE POCKETS!”
Oh…and I’m also excited that I’ll finally have a costume where I’m not hindered by gloves. Yes, Fox wears gloves, but they’re fingerless…and his fingers look like human fingers. Woo! No more having to take off gloves (or paws) to do stuff!

In other news…

Sometime last week, Monday or Tuesday I think, I hurt my back when I stood up from my chair to go to lunch. Huge pain. It’s not as bad now, but it still hurts like a sonofabitch…especially when I go to stand up. I hate getting old. 🙁 I took some Tylenol back pain medicine the other day when it was really bad, but it didn’t do squat.

Last night after dropping off Jody, I went home and set my alarm before going to bed. …but (and this isn’t the first time it has happened) I forgot to turn the alarm ON after setting the time. I woke up at 10:34 or so. Oops. I called Christine and told her I’d be late. …but as I was talking on the phone, I got a bit dizzy. After hanging up, I went and laid down in bed for a little bit. I felt all dizzy and sweaty all of a sudden…and started to regret not just calling in sick.
I got up to use the bathroom hoping that it had passed, but returned to bed again to rest more.
After a few more minutes of rest and thinking, “Maybe I just stood up too fast,” I rolled over and sat up slowly (which really hurt my back.) Still a bit dizzy, I thought orange juice might help. I crawled to the kitchen on all fours, slowly reached up to grab a cup, and kneeled there to pour myself some juice.
From the kitchen, I crawled into the bathroom. I sat myself up onto the toilet and reached in to turn on the shower. I slowly stood myself up and stepped into the shower. It seemed the worst had passed, but *ugh*… I felt crappy.

So I’m sitting here at the office and still feeling a bit tired and woozy. Maybe I’ve just been so busy with various projects lately that I’ve worn myself out. I dunno…but I’m looking forward to getting home tonight so I can crash on the couch for a few hours and watch TV.

February 10, 2003

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