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I went to the movies today. First time in way too long that I’ve actually been to a movie theater. …but I’m such a sucker for time travel movies that I had to go see The Time Machine. I liked it. I had seen the 1960s version a few weeks ago on The Sci-Fi Channel, so that was still fresh in my mind. One part that I kind of missed but was actually glad it was gone was the narration. In the 60’s version, he narrated what he was thinking. At least this one let the audience figure it out. …and the special effects were much better, of course. No more “lava” that resembles Smuckers strawberry jelly coming up through the streets of London (or NYC in this version). …but I can’t help but feel that there was a nod to Cowboy Bebop in there.
My only real complaint about the movie (as well as the old movie and the book) is that for it being called “The Time Machine”, he doesn’t to a hell of a lot of time travelling. I thought the best part was where we got to see things change over time and see the reaction of a man from 1899 to modern (or somewhat futuristic) New York. After he gets to 802067 (or whatever the year was), he just sits there. (…and I find it odd that although 800,000 years have passed, some people still speak English and there are quite a few 20th century remains.)
Maybe he’d have done more time travel if he did it “in style” with a DeLorean. 🙂

Last night I looked up prices for flights from Boston to LAX for Anime Expo. I found a decent rate on US Airways. It connected in Pittsburgh and went to LAX on the same flight that Matt will be taking. So I e-mailed asking for his seat numbers.
When I checked back this morning, the price on that flight had gone up ???! In fact, EVERY BOS/LAX flight in July seems to have shot up in price. Nothing was below ???.
I checked back tonight (hoping it would go down again), but it’s ??? or something insane. Screw that! I’ll keep waiting for the price to come back down to something sane. There’s still plenty of time. …and if that fails, I could fly out of Providence on Delta, connect in Atlanta (which is coincidentally the flight that Lizz will be on), and go from there. Of course, with my luck that will shoot up in price too.
I wish airlines were like hotels and I could cancel for free up until 48 hours before. If that was the case, I’d grab the best flight I could find and then wait for better deals to come along.

March 14, 2002

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