Job doing jobs for a job board

So the interview at went well. Considering that part of the interview was with Christine (aka “Mia”) and her co-workers and I was one of the people who interviewed her when she applied to The Monster Board four years ago, I guess that was to be expected. She was asking loaded questions just to be funny. “So tell us about this CHiPs web site…”

She also asked, “So what was your favorite company that you ever worked for?”
“Boy, you’re really giving me the loaded questions today, aren’t you?”
“HA HA!”
“I’d have to say it was RivalWorks. [pause, looking for reaction] We made a game web site and essentially got paid to play video games as part of the job.”

I interviewed with someone else too, Mia’s boss apparently. That seemed to go well. I went to lunch with Mia after the interview and she told me that she was having trouble getting people to call her back about the position and that I was actually the only interview they had lined up.

…so I guess I’ve got my big ol’ foot in the door there. We’ll see what happens. Maybe I scared them off and they’ll decide they can’t hire anyone right now.

I still haven’t heard from MatrixOne, the place I interviewed with two weeks ago. “We’ll let you know by the middle of next week.” Bastards… Grrr…

While I was waiting for their non-existant job offer to come my way, I began thinking of how nice it would be to have a paycheck again. No more looking at bills and wondering, “Okay, where is THIS money going to come from?” or thinking “I should be able to make rent this month. What about next month?” Having that off my shoulders would be the biggest relief.
…but I’ve decided that whenever some company gives me a job offer, the first thing I’m going to do is head to The Apple Store and order a new Mac. This four year old G3 has been good to me, but it’s just not adequate (har har) for my needs anymore. 266 MHz G3 with 6 Gb of disk just doesn’t cut it these days.
The next thing I’ll do is order Chinese food and fill my belly.
The third thing (while waiting for the food to be delivered) will be to send out e-mail inviting people to a big party here with lots of food and drink. When I get a job, everyone will benefit! Besides, I seem to have about four or five main circles of friends but they rarely (if ever) meet. College friends, work friends, Boston anime friends, and NH/Mikkakan anime friends. It’d be nice to get everyone together. I think they’d all get along well…for the most part. 🙂 Besides, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a party here. I’m about due.

I just finished off half a bag of curly fries. Mmmm… I’ll have to go to the store tomorrow. I’m low on snacks.

March 14, 2002

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