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I’ve been meaning to write about this past weekend before writing any new stuff…but I guess I can throw in these Monster tid-bits:

  • E-mail me if you got your job through Monster. The company is looking for success stories (particularly in their “skilled and hourly” Cincinatti test market). They’ll want to post it on the site with your picture. (Maybe you can talk the photographer into a cosplay photo.) They’re promising T-shirts. I’m not sure if that’s if they use the story or if you just send one in. Anyway, e-mail me and let me know if you have a success story and I’ll hook ya up with the proper people.
  • TMP Worldwide (Monster’s parent company) will be renamed “Monster” sometime in 2003. About friggin’ time considering that Monster makes up like 99.99% of the company’s income. Several not-so-profitable divisions will be spun off into their own company (probably taking the TMP Worldwide name with them.) Good riddance.
  • If you use Monster in the US, there’s a new feature on the way that will let you upload your resume in Word format. I haven’t tried it myself, but apparently it’s very keen. …but there’s kind of an Easter egg here. Resume upload is currently being tested in Canada. You can sign on there (with your US username and password) and upload your resume on It will be accessable through after that! (…or any other Monster site around the world since they all use the same account data.) The functionality is already in the sites…they just haven’t plugged in the upload part while Canada’s still testing it. Pretty sneaky, huh?
December 17, 2002

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