Last weekend…

So anyway…about last weekend…

I picked up sagechan at the airport and we headed back to my place. We watched This is Otakudom and Bridge to the Future and played a few games.

The next day was very wet and rainy. We went to Kelly’s Roast Beef for lunch and stuffed ourselves so incredibly full that we couldn’t think about eating for the rest of the day. After Kelly’s, we wandered into Jordan’s Furniture next door just in time for their cheesy hourly Mardi Gras thing. I’ve seen the stupid thing more than half a dozen times now and still can’t get over how much money a furniture store must have blown on that show.

Anyway, we headed over to the Natick Mall…which turned out to be a big mistake. Too much traffic. Too many stupid people.
We wandered around for a bit and then decided to head home to get ready for the Anime on DVD holiday party.

I drove us right to the hotel for valet parking. (…and worth it for not having to walk in the rain.) We were something like 45 minutes late (“fashionably late”) so most people were there already. A lot of friendly faces I hadn’t seen in a while too, plus some new faces.

During the yankee swap, I picked a China sketch that Elana brought back from her trip…but since I already had one, I traded it away for the miniatures of (just) three Nadia figures…including King with his nads. I figured I’d be able to use the other Nadia figures in some sort of Chibi Project experiment…but the truth is that I think they’re kinda cute. (…except for King, but I mean…how can I ever destroy the legacy of those nads!)

Victor picked the cat ears and tail I made…and the embarassment on his and Rebecca’s faces was quite apparent. Rebecca wore them for the remainder of the swap. (…and since she had borrowed mine on a few occasions, it’s appropriate that she finally has her own.)

Oh…and Paige was there too. Hi Paige! 🙂

After the party, Chris, Rebecca, Victor, Riki, Sagechan, Derek (aka “Booby McBoobboob”), and I all went up to Chris’s room for a while and watched a bit of Adult Swim while reviewing the night. We all eventually trickled out and Sage, Riki, and I headed back to my car.

The valet had parked it right on the street in front of the hotel…about ten feet from where I left it. It was fast and convenient, yet I felt kind of cheated for having to pay when they only moved it ten feet. …but then again, the valets usually leave the best looking cars out in view. Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, Saturn… 🙂

After arriving home, I gave Riki the full tour (including my spooky basement). After she washed out the hairspray (which was amusing to see when the bobby pins were out and the hair spray had her hair sticking out everywhere), we all just sat back in the living room and watched Invader Zim all night. …although Sage and Riki fell asleep here and there.

With a 10:30am flight, I think we left for the airport a little after 9am to drop off Riki. We all wished she had a later flight so she could hang out in Boston more, but unfortunately it was on schedule and leaving on time. Sage and I left her at security and went back to my place.

I was waiting to hear from Scott & Darcy since we had tentatively planned to do a Chibi Project experiment in The Big Dig…but they had recently decided to move away to Illinois. *cries* As a result, Scott was leaving his job and we wouldn’t have a chance to do it later…and he didn’t have all the safety equipment it would have required to do it on Sunday. Oh well.

So we hung out for a bit at my place until it was time to get Sage to the airport to fly back to WV. I went and dropped him off at Logan and headed home again. Scott & Darcy returned and we went out to dinner at Applebee’s.

During dinner, I was trying my best to convince them to stay in the Boston area. I even offered to let them both move into my second bedroom. It didn’t work.

Afterwards, we played some Digimon Rumble Arena until they had to head out. I may not see them again until Anime Boston…unless they plan a trip back between now and then. (Which is probably quite likely.)

…and so that, in brief, was my weekend. Fun with lots of friends, but sad to have to say goodbye and return to my normal dull life.

December 19, 2002

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