FreakBoss again…

I’m not sure what to make of this:

To: “‘Patrick Delahanty'”
Subject: RE:
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 12:13:57 -0500

Hey Patrick:

I know you are busy with contracts but find me a day or a night or a weekend day or night… I will work around you… Of course whenever it ultimately is it will have to be when we can reach the credit card company…


Does he think I want to work 24/7 or something? No thanks, dude. …and I have no idea what he’s talking about with that credit card company stuff. I think he’s thinking of something for one of his web sites but forgot to tell me what it is.

He currently owes me $320, so I’ll have to go visit him sometime if I ever want to see it. He’s too cheap for a stamp.

December 9, 2001

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