Wheee! I’m doing stuff!

I’m always so much more productive at night than I am during the day. I don’t get it. If I didn’t need sleep, I could just keep going and stay productive until the end of time…or something like that.

Right now, I’m working on giving my stupid Lego web site a new design…so that it looks like all the other Adequate.com sites. The Lego site’s design hasn’t really been touched since early 1999, so it’s about due for a redesign anyway. I’ll be adding in forums and stuff too since it’s easy to do.

The Lego site is one of several web sites that I made a while back that I just have no interest in anymore. I only keep them around because: a) people would bitch if I killed them off, b) the affiliate links get me a couple bucks every few months, and/or c) they’re low maintenance. Some reasons apply to some sites more than others. For example, my CHiPs site doesn’t bring in a lot of revenue, but since there are a bunch of fanatics who love the site and since there’s really no better source of info, I keep it running. The Lego site on the other hand is one of hundreds of Lego web sites and not many people would notice if mine dropped off the planet, but it brings in a good amount of affiliate revenue. …although nothing like it did back in the heyday of eToys when I once got a $5000 check from them! Man, I wish I could get even 1/10th of that now. Online shopping seems to have really dropped off (although the traffic to my sites has remained constant or increased.)

Oh well, back to working on the redesign. Maybe it’ll draw in more traffic, get more people to buy stuff, and get me more affiliate income! *sigh* Who am I kidding?

December 9, 2001

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