E-mail Scam Warning!

I got an e-mail this morning that claimed to be from eBay Safe Harbor. They said my information was “incorrectand/or (fraudulent)” and directed me to go to “(on our secure server)”

I haven’t looked up to see who owns the IP, but delete the “eBay/secure” part of the URL and you’ll see that it’s clearly not really eBay. I’m sure that they’re hoping people will sign in with their real credit card info and all that.

The sad part is, I’m sure people will…and there’s not a damn thing eBay can do about it. Don’t fall for their trick yourself.

I was clued in to the scam by the IP address URL, poorly worded first paragraph, and the fact that they sent it to an e-mail address I haven’t used on eBay in about four years.

December 21, 2002

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