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"I see your Schwartz is as big as mine."
   [email protected]

I really do feel gyped that the "Transformers" and "Gobots" have guns and all we have are these dumb swords.
   -F. P. Muckley

Do you ever have that "not-quite-do-fresh" feeling?
   -Tim L.

Ready? Okay. MOON THEM!!!
   -Tim L.

Oh! Excuse me! Just had a little overload in my rear thruster...
   -Tim L.

I wish we signed up with Fox. Look how much dough those damn 'Zords are making!

You know, in this light, you do sort of resemble Zoro.
   -Tim L.

"Don't even think about it. She's mine."

Did you hear the one about the lawyer and the catfish?
   -Peter Forsberg

Could ya put the seat down next time? I'm serious man, I fell in today.

Ya know, I'm really getting tired of always being the Decepticon!
   -Akira Dev

Yeah, the FAA Grounded half my body today...
   -Doc Evil

Doesn't Lance get motion sickness when you swing that sword around?
   -Doc Evil

Say, you got your jumper cables on you? My leg won't start...
   -Doc Evil

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But to his surprise, instead of breaking the ice, his "erector set" pickup line backfired horribly.

Dennis sighed. Louis was out of step again. It was time to take his tap dancing career solo.

I can't believe you're wearing that hat in public!

They told me that this sword was supposed to be one of a kind

I've never noticed how beautiful your metallic titanium alloyd morphinenzimes are

Vinegar and salt are okay...but I prefer chrome polish for a shine you can see your face in..

"uh no offense or anything but, we ARE the original Voltron. I think we can handle traffic control".

It appears we are being attacked by large mettalic spears of some descrip........EUURRRGGGHHH!

"C'mon... Give us a kiss!"
   -Doc Evil

Pee-yew! Did you fail the emissions test again?

Two Voltrons share a gay moment before warping to the Troika Moons to stop Lotor's Doom Fleet.
   -Jeannette (Ginger's Roommate)

Hey! Watch where you point those shoulders, lion-freak.

Move over, Lion Boy! You're hogging the spotlight!
   -Space Cowboy

Right, you take Stone Cold, I'll take The Rock.
   -Venus Di Mylo

Shall we flip a coin to see who goes first?
   -Da Krazy KiLLa

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"Hey, Vehicle, what exactly is that chestplate FOR, anyway? Does Ginger enjoy staring at the ground in combat?"

"Hi, Voltron! I'm Voltron! Err--I mean...Listen, what should we call each other, because this is REALLY gonna confuse the spectators?"

"I'll take the big guy!" "WHICH big guy? Or do you mean Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot?"

"No, I don't have a chip on my shoulder...I have a Chip IN my shoulder. You have a Pidge."

"You'd tell me if I looked silly in this hat, wouldn't you?"

Yes, I used to have trouble with my chest plate jiggling while I was fighting or jogging. But I found that a thin layer of springy cloth attached around the chest and with loops that go over the shoulders does a world of good. It really works, cross my heart!

I could never stay mad at you. Come over here and give me a hug!

I already told you " I'm not that kind of robot!!!

Now remember "Use the force".

Don`t forget our date tonight, and bring that huge sword.
   -Curtis Bernard

2: So we teleport the Robeast to Angel Grove? V: Right, and when the Rangers are distracted, we pants the Megazord.
   -Power Hater

"He was a great guy to be with... I think I'll go out with him again sometime."
   -Queenie Z

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