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Once again, Zandee and Tagor try to see how many flies they can catch in their mouths.

The Sea Team was a hit as Menudo at the annual Space Explorer Talent Show.

"Okay...We've seen the previews...Now, where's the feature presentation?!

And now the all male spitting team will try to beat the existing record set by the Voltron Winnipeg Team.
   -Jaymes Rattai

for some reson, everyone felt like they were in the wrong travel group

Obviously Thor couldn't contain himself as his comrades catch wind of what he did in the back row.
   -Akira Dev

We've come to ask the wizard for normal nipples.

I swear...If that guy sneezes on me ONE more time....!

Zandee! Tagor! BREATHE!

No way! 'Friends' Season 4 only $19.99.
   -Venus Di Mylo

How long do we have to stand here? I have to go real bad.
   -Da Krazy KiLLa

"Hey, Ginger, Lisa darling, let's play Kimono Girls!"
   -Jeannette, Ginger's lover, and Lisa

After another successful mission, the Sea Team is awarded a special treat: the viewing of a porno movie!

"We're ooooff to outer spaaace... We're leeaaving Mother Eeaarth...!"

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How come the Lion Force's uniforms are more like armor and all we get are Star Trek rejected uniforms?

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