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Voltron Explorer has a growing collection of Voltron images available online. These sounds were recorded by ADEQUATE.com for use on this site only. Steps have been taken to prevent other web sites from linking directly to these sounds. (If they do, people will only get an image telling them that access is forbidden.) We encourage other web sites to record their own sounds instead. Let's not just have every site have the same stuff as every other site, okay?

  • Friend.wav (24k)
    Princess: [Echo] You need someone to be your friend.

  • Goodness.wav (50k)
    Princess: [Echo] Why are you always so cruel? Isn't there any goodness left inside you at all?

  • Mice.wav (92k)
    Lance: What are they doing now? Ooh! Ow! Ow! Owwww!
    [Mouse squeaks]
    Pidge: I get the feeling they're trying to tell us something.

  • Ooh.wav (131k)
    It's NOT what it sounds like.
    For all of you with dirty minds, Hunk is really trying to get in the Princess' room to save her from Witch Hagar.

  • SleepTogether.wav (86k)
    Just what is Koran encouraging? Keith doesn't sound too enthusiastic about it.

  • VisitPrincess.wav (46k)
    Princess: Maybe later, some of the girls will come and visit me on planet Arus.

  • VehicleForm.wav (227k)
    The Voltron vehicle team forming Voltron with Jeff calling out instructions.

  • VehicleSword.wav (105k)
    The Voltron vehicle team forming the blazing sword.
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