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Voltron Explorer has placed its collection of Voltron QuickTime movies online. These movies were recorded by ADEQUATE.com for use on this site only. Steps have been taken to prevent other web sites from linking directly to these files. (If they do, people will only get an image telling them that access is forbidden.) We encourage other web sites to record their own movies instead. Let's not just have every site have the same stuff as every other site, okay?

  • Form Voltron! (6.1Mb)
    The vehicle Voltron force forming Voltron.

  • Blazing Sword (4.0Mb)
    Jeff: "Form blazing sword!"
    Both Voltrons form blazing swords to team up and kill a ro-beast.

  • Jumping Voltrons (1.1Mb)
    The lion and vehicle Voltrons jumping down to join a fight.
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