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Viagra, the quicker picker upper..

Let there be light!
   -Lady Saiya-jin

"Now if I can just reach up another inch, I can change this annoyingly overbright lightbulb."

"Arise, Rodimus Prime" "Now, light our darkest hour!"

"Behold, the new and improved glow stick. It's twice as bright and lasts twice as long."

Man, look at the size of this firefly I caught!

You mean I can have a lightsaber instead of a Blazing Sword? Sweet!

I really wish I hadn't sat on my sunglasses. I mean who knew this Blazing Sword thing would really uh...blaze.


Uranus World Shaking!!!

Do you think if we used the slogan " we bring good things to light" that GE would sue us?

Awesome! I've finally gotten a disco ball for Christmas! WALK DOWN TO ELECTRIC AVENUE!!

There are few things (sniff) more beautiful than the miracle of birth.

Grrr..... I'm never fixing the fuses on Lion boy again

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"I've got the whoooole world, in my hands..."
   -Queenie Z


Man!!! If I knew I was going to be this close to the sun, I would have brought my sun screen.

I praise you Jesus!!!
   -Curtis Bernard

I don't just reach for the stars, I can grab them.

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