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  1. In Search of New Worlds
  2. First Day on a New World
  3. Building a New World
  4. Goodbye, New World
  5. Try This World For Size
  6. A Storm of Meteors
  7. Help Not Wanted
  8. Ghost Fleet From Another Planet
  9. A Very Short Vacation
  10. Planet of the Bats
  11. A Temporary Truce
  12. Wolo's Lost World
  13. Planet Stop for Repairs
  14. A Curious Comet
  15. In the Enemy Camp
  16. Who's On First
  17. No, Who's on Second
  18. What's on First
  19. Great Stone Space Faces
  20. Defend the New World
  21. Meanwhile Back at Galaxy Garrison
  22. Nerok Scores Big
  23. Hazar on the Carpet
  24. Hazar is Demoted
  25. Just Like Earth
  26. The Planet Trap
  27. Save the Space Station
  28. Planet of the Amazons
  29. Revolt of the Slaves
  30. Raid on Galaxy Garrison
  31. Smashing the Meteor Barrier
  32. A Man Made Sun
  33. Captain Newley Returns
  34. Hazar Bucks the Empire
  35. Letters From Home
  36. Peace - A Fish Story!
  37. The Red Moon People
  38. This World's For the Birds
  39. That's the Old Ball Game
  40. Red Moon Rises Again
  41. Another Solar System
  42. Whose World Is It
  43. It's Anybody World
  44. Frozen Assets
  45. Coconuts
  46. It Could Be a Long War
  47. Color Me Invisible
  48. Time Running Out
  49. Zero Hour Approaches
  50. The Drules' World Cracks Up
  51. The Drules Surrender
  52. The End of Hazar's World
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