Weekend summary

Last night I went out to Derek, Jami, and Troy’s in Worcester for a Day of the Dead party. Most people wore costumes, but I didn’t since my back was still killing me. (Yeah, for once I actually wasn’t in the mood to wear a costume! Go figure!) It was feeling better by the time I left though.

I took it easy today and recovered from the past few days. I watched the last two volumes of Princess Nine and finally finished Grand Theft Auto III…or at least the major plot missions. (I still have to find all the hidden stuff and do some of the secondary missions.) Now the only question that remains is if I can wait until Christmas for Vice City or not.

So…added another possibility to my list of possible costumes for 2003 anime cons. …and this one’s yet another character from something I haven’t actually seen yet. Weird how I tend to pick these characters before actually getting to know them. Renamon, Haruto, and The Shot are three I’ve already done…but I decided to do them (or was asked to) before seeing them on the screen. (…and in the case of The Shot, I still haven’t seen that character in action.)

Oh well… I’ll be trying to catch up on e-mails later tonight… Right now I think I want to go get a pizza though…or something. Not sure. I’ll need to stare at the menu for a minute.

November 3, 2002

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