The car works again…

On Sunday afternoon, I dug my bike out of the basement and rode a few miles to Autozone. I plopped down on a jump start kit. (It’s heavy, so it wasn’t easy riding back from the store with that swinging from my handlebars.)

I charged it up and the next morning…nothing. Damn thing didn’t work. Arrrgh! Gave AAA a call. An hour later they showed up and got me going. (Why does it take an hour for AAA send a tow truck from a garage that’s 5 minutes away?)

Anyway, after work on Monday, Pete offered to use his jump start kit to get me going. It hadn’t been charged in a few weeks, but worked beautifully. He loaned it to me for the night. I used it again the next morning and when I left to go to Saturn at 2:30pm.

After the guy checked out my car, he told me it needed a new battery. (It still had the original one from 6 years ago.) More money sucked from my Visa’s credit line. Ugh. At least it wasn’t the alternator. I guess it’s just a coincidence that it happened right after my 90,000 mile maintenance…but I’m still suspicious.

After I pay off my massive debt (who knows when that will be), I’m going to look into getting a new car. (…or if something else major happens, I’ll get one then.)

As for good news, my Northeastern course has two students currently enrolled. The (online) classes start next week, so hopefully I’ll get one more. With two, they may or may not let me teach (but probably will). With three, I definitely would be able to teach…and that means an extra 6 in my pocket each month.

March 19, 2003

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