Defend yourself from the army of beasts within. What the heck does that mean?

I’m tired of having to explain everything I do here at work. For example, I sent out a notice at 2pm saying that we’d be rebooting a server at 5:30pm. 15 minutes ago I got an e-mail asking “Wasn’t this supposed to go out a few hours ago? Why the late notice? Please try to give the users more notice then this in the future, we knew about this about 3+ hours ago.”

Well, it was an hour ago that I sent out the notice…and it took half an hour to get the request approved by Network Operations (the guys who will reboot it) and I had a meeting a half an hour before that and lunch an hour before that. It’s still THREE AND A HALF HOURS before the reboot and that’s plenty of notice…especially considering that most people will have gone home by then and that the downtime is only 15 minutes. If they’re still here, they can go get a coffee or whatever.

Argh…so damn frustrating sometimes.

October 24, 2002

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