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Unfortunately for Herc, Kevin Sorbo was cast for the Universal series.

Superman can't break through kryptonite. Herc can't break through glo-sticks.

"Hey everyone! Come look at my pointy elbows!"

"These energy bonds have mutated my chin into Jay Leno's!"
   -Rick Hunter

Flora!!! Handcuffs? You are one kinky little girl!
   -Frank Muckley

If only Herc had remembered his mentor Popeye's advice and brought a can of spinich...
   -Tim L.

I'm *HUGE!!!*
   -Doc Evil

Aww, Flora wants to play "Cops and Robbers" again...
   -Space Cowboy

"Hey, what did you do with my nipples? And come to think of it, my tummy button's gone too!
   -Venus Di Mylo

This IS torture! These supersonic handcuffs are stopping me from opening this mail on my belt.
   -Venus Di Mylo

"Watch me break these with my massive bulk" "BeeF CaKe!!......BeeF CaKe!!!"
   -Da Krazy KiLLa

"Ha Ha, very funny, now take these things off and give me back my shirt."

Herc's electro-bracelets weren't half as good as his head-mounted stereo speakers.
   -Sly Cherry Chunks

Noone knew Herc used to be a gay porn star, until the day Jayce found "Chains of Love" at the video store.

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Bad enough that he got stuck helping Flora wind fluorescent blue yarn topless... then, his chin forked.

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