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In the mid-1980's, Mattel produced a line of Wheeled Warriors toys. The toys featured parts which could be changed around between all the vehicles. The vehicles could even "stack and attack" by placing one on top of another. Wheeled Warriors, like most toy lines, had good guys and bad guys. In this case, the heroic Lightning League was defending the universe from the evil, plant-based organisms called the Monster Minds.

Like most major toy lines of that time, there was an afternoon cartoon show created to advertise it. It was called Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors and would daily show the adventures of Jayce and the Lightning League as they fought against the Monster Minds while searching for Jayce's father, Audric. One major difference between the toys and the TV show is that the TV characters were not based on the figures included with the vehicles.

This page is dedicated to showcasing the Wheeled Warriors vehicles Mattel produced. Unfortunately, they were never as popular as the TV series and are now hard to find - even at toy shows. I don't have pictures of all the vehicles, but am slowly finding them. As I do, they will be added here.

If it's not linked, we don't have a picture. Sorry.