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Jayce has always been an admirer of Herc's muscular arms.

Jayce and Herc manage to pin Oon to the floor and start ripping him apart.

In space, apparently you never need a comb.

"It's not fair," Jayce thought, "I do all the work while he just sits there and moans."
   -Frank Muckley

Jayce alwys knew Herc put something in his own martini, but he didnt know it was steiroids
   -Tom Servo

So Herc... How do you operate this entire ship with only a lever and three buttons?
   -Doc Evil

There it's almost up!
   -Damien S

Jayce bowed his head in shame as Herc admired the awful wallpaper.
   -Sly Cherry Chunks

There it is Jayce. The newest version of Windows XP.

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