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Jayce looks at Herc and wonders if they'll ever know true love.

Fond of Herc's nice head of hair, Jayce considers borrowing some of his hair dye.

*sniff, sniff* "Herc, did you shower today?"

Herc: "Why so glum chum?" Bif: "It's this damn label in my t-shirt, it's chafing my neck!"

Jayce looked at Herc and began to wonder if Herc was related to Jay Leno.
   -Tom Servo

Jayce thinks "Why can't I have hair like Herc?"

So Jayce... You like gladiator movies?
   -Doc Evil

Jayce: Poached Monster Minds on toast again, Herc?
   -Space Cowboy

Herc: "Jayce, do you think they'll ever let me on Celebrity Squares? I'll even take bottom left, no-one picks that."
   -Venus Di Mylo

So, kid... Ever see a grown man naked?

'Herc, should I go back for more collagen, or am I done?'

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