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Flora and Oon finally get rid of those pesky Zoggies.

It's the Flora sno-cone factory! New, from Galoob!

"Oon! Stop poking him and drag him down into this grave."

Flora wishes she had some nice snow shoes instead of Bart Simpson's shoes.

Flora laments about never properly housebreaking Oon.
   -Tim L.

planting season in Antarctica

southeners don't need coats, for their big hair keeps them warm

in search of the lost frozen food

"Workin' in a coal mine, goin' down down down..." Come on, Oon! sing along! "Workin'..."
   -Doc Evil

"... Ya haul sixteen tons, and whaddaya get?..."
   -Space Cowboy

This pool is going to 0wn when it gets done. heh
   -Da Krazy KiLLa

"Bad IceDoggie, Bad!!!"

As Flora dug and Oon pogoed, the jellybabies looked on.
   -Sly Cherry Chunks

"Next time Jack has to clean up the snowman poop!"
   -Skookum Du

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