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"Oh no! I'd better call Chemlawn!"

"Wow! A month on vacation and my plants are still alive."

"Oh, this little plant would look just darling next to the gazebo."

My God, what have you done to my underwear!? OOH it burns!

What the?!? Hey, I ordered a cheesburger!
   -Tim L.

For the last time, I will not buy you more Miracle Grow!
   -Tim L.

Thats what I get for putting Rogaine in the plant food
   -Tom Servo

" Feed me Seymore! FEED ME NOW!!! "
   -Doc Evil

A-yep! Even in the future, the fastest way to kill a plant is to BUY it...
   -Doc Evil

"Damn, they said my pot plants would get the best of me some day!"

Audrey, be nice and for the love of god stop growing!

#Paint the whole world with a Rainbow!# Come on Sawboss, sing along!
   -Sly Cherry Chunks

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